​​​Golden Light Healing Visualisation
Private class (60 min) - 64€

Create healthy energetic boundaries to feel protected in every situation.
Learn various visualisation techniques from quantum healing to relieve stress and bring soul energy back into your daily routine. Energy exchange happens all the time - when we are interacting with others and through the situations we face each day. Golden Light Healing Visualisation helps us create an energetic boundary to draw healthy linesof communication. Learn to collect your energy back, be protected and feel whole once again.

 Astro Tarot Card Reading

60 min session - 60€

Distant sessions also available via ZOOM

Gain insightful understanding of your current life situations. Life is a constant journey that brings joyful and challenging situations. Astro tarot is a unique technique interfacing Tarot with Astrology reveal important insights and creative solutions. Use the broader understanding that emerges in your reading to improve all aspects of your life. With clarity comes the peace of mind to make positive decisions.



​If you have specialist health and wellness concerns, I am pleased to offer tailored classes to suit your individual needs.

​​​​​Breathing Clinic

Private session (60 min) - 65€  
Distant sessions also available via ZOOM

Mindful breathing habits for a more relaxed and healthy way of being. 
When we find life stressful, we tend to hold the breath. Over time, this can create ill-breathing patterns that supply the body cells with less oxygen, which can in turn lead to muscular tension and discomfort. In more extreme cases, respiratory and cardio-vascular issues may arise. The Breathing Clinic teaches exercises for healthy breathing habits. By oxygenating the body and mind, we can enjoy clearer thoughts, and a body that feels more comfortable, relaxed and free from tension. 

Highly recommend to those suffering from panic attacks, high blood pressure and cardiac disease.

Integrated Reiki Healing

Private session (90 min) - 90€  

(including holistic consultation after the therapy)

Distant sessions also available via ZOOM

Intuitive energy healing for relaxed holistic wellbeing.
Rei – spiritual, Ki – life force, is a form of hands-on energy healing. Reiki works on a holistic level, effecting the body, mind, spirit and emotions. Powerfully restorative, just 1 hour of Reiki equals 4 hrs of high quality sleep in theta frequency. The flow of healing vibrations transmitted works to support the body’s natural ability to rebalance and heal itself. Whilst channelling Reiki, I am intuitively guided to incorporate other healing tools to optimise personal wellness.  
All sessions conclude with personal coaching based on insights gathered during the Reiki session.

Prenatal Yoga

Private Class (90 min) - 90€ (tailored to individual needs)

 Bond with your baby-to-be and prepare holistically for a healthy birth.
Pregnancy is a time where many changes occur to the hormones, body and emotions. Prenatal Yoga is a specialist class designed to prepare a mom-to-be in a safe and supportive way to build strength and stamina in all aspects of physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Comfortable postures, active breathing and mindful meditation help to prepare the mom-to-be for a healthy natural birth from a holistic perspective.  

Healing Muse – Integrative Healing

Private session (90 min) - 90€ ​(tailored to individual needs)

A unique journey by Jamilah, combining complementary therapies and intuitive wisdom.

“I begin by scanning your body with a crystal pendulum to discover imbalances that need addressing. Guided intuitively, I combine colour therapy, hands-on energy healing and breath work to harmonise the chakras. Providing insightful feedback throughout the session, I also use light healing touch to gently manipulate pressure points. This draws your attention to any blockages and helps you to release these with awareness. To conclude, I may suggest breathing, yoga or chakra balancing techniques to practice at home.”

​​​​​​​​7 Chakra Visualisation

Private class (60 min) - 64€ 

Cleanse, balance and recharge your energy centres.
Almost all holistic modalities are based on the Chakra system. Fully aligning the 7 Chakra energy centres has great healing power for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Through meditation and visualisation, we open the gateway that governs energy throughout the body on a holistic level. Experience a mindful journey that helps to clear and calm the mind, release blockages, balance and re-charge the energy centres of our subtle body, for overall health and wellness.

Kripalu Yoga

Group class (90 min) - 15€ per person (minimum 6 persons)

Private Class - 60 min - 70€ | 90 min - 90€ (tailored to individual needs)


Connect your breath to movement and elevate self-awareness. 
Kripalu yoga is a traditional form of Hatha Yoga. Focusing on Asana (postures), Pranayama (breathing) and Meditation, practitioners are encouraged to observe their feelings and be the witness of their own practice, thus creating a deeper level of body and mind awareness. By appreciating how we feel and the subtle changes that occur, Kripalu Yoga restores focus, energetic flow and centred-being, whilst encouraging us to bring the philosophy of practice on the mat into our daily lives to make conscious lifestyle choices. 

​​Visualisation Journey - Getting Grounded

Private class (60 min) - 64€​

Being grounded is the key to happiness and success. 
Staying centered is vital to living a quality life - especially on busy or stressful days.  It helps us to anchor our thoughts, pursue life goals and fulfill our soul purpose with consciousness. With a calm mind we can cope with difficulties, see people and situations objectively for what they really are, and learn to be responsive rather than reactive.  This makes all aspects of our lives - whether it be a relationship, work or lifestyle challenge - become more relaxed and constructive. Embark on a journey of guided visualisation and breathing techniques to ground your core being and let truth soar.

Moon Sister Circle Spiritual Empowerment Support

Group session (2 hrs) - 22€ per person 

Feel empowered by a circle to restore women’s true power in their heart space. 
With time, the balance of masculine-feminine energy can be re-established. Society can bring back harmony to level the inner masculine (Yang) and feminine (Yin) - no matter which gender you are. The series of work from the circle leads participants to regain self-love, own self-worth and be empowered. It creates true leadership, where strength works hand-in-hand with loving kindness and compassion. Join a safe space where you feel connected and supported, and where your sharing can help and inspire others.
The Moon Sister Circle is held on the new moon of the month.

​​​JourneyDance: From Vibrancy to Stillness 

Group class (75 min) - 18€ per person (minimum 6 persons)

Lose yourself in an ecstatic healing dance of tribal rhythms.
Experience a dynamic conscious dance form that is intuitive and deeply personal. With a warm group welcome and no dance experience needed, this is your chance to release inhibitions with like-minded people from all walks of life. The core of JourneyDance follows embodiment from the Earth and rises up through the 7 main Chakra energy centres. Tune into your own free-style, guided and inspired by minimal structured cues. Fun, tribal and wonderfully liberating, this organic dance style unlocks stress and blockages on a healing journey of physical, emotional and spiritual dimensions. The more you JourneyDance, the greater you’ll feel its transformative powers. 

Revitalise Your Life Force (Pranayama)

Private class (60 min) - 64€ (tailored to individual needs)


Expand your holistic health through the healing power of the breath.
Quality breathing nurtures Life Force, Qi or Prana and is vital to our wellbeing. Learn a variety of breath work techniques from foundation to advanced, combined with the Mudra hand gestures that connect to the five elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Wind and Ether. Feel grounded and centred on a journey of inner focus and calm. Leave empowered by tools you can easily incorporate into daily life to positively affect your whole being – to cleanse and energise both body and mind, free your spirit and balance the emotions.