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     until early  May 2020

Reiki, Private Yoga lessons & more..

Healing Muse Jamilah is a platform that helps people to create body & mind awareness through the teachings of yoga, breathing and meditation, as well as offering healing services like Integrative Reiki , Card Reading & Coaching.










“My heartfelt words for you to share as you feel guided:
Beautiful Jamilah, it was an honour and privilege to have undergone a yogi practice under your guidance. Your intuitive practice enabled me to delve into my body creating space in my mind. Your natural warmth and gentleness allowed me to feel safe to explore my practice and you held space so beautifully. It is with heartfelt gratitude that I sincerely send you love and light on your continued path inspiring others through your practice. I look forward to our next encounter.”

                                                                                           -Sage Nicola, Melbourne, Australia

“Jamilah is an incredibly talented yoga and spiritual teacher. She really pays attention to the needs of her class and is very accommodating. She has a wonderful sense of humour and knows how to coax you to expand your horizons using yoga. My favourite thing about her? Her beautiful, melodic voice! Jamilah is a talented healer. She inspires me daily to return to the mat and most importantly - breathe. Thank you for all that you’ve taught me, Jamilah!”

                                                                                              -Ralitza Alexandrov, Calgary, Canada

Attitude of Gratitude makes life much more beautiful...

Darling Jamilah, Thank you for the daily yoga practices, helping us to energize, flexibilize and open up to the energy of each chakra. All the ingredients of yoga, beautifully mixed to a daily ‘love’ routine, where everybody could participate and evolve physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically through the 7 gates of self-transformation. Bless you!

                                                       - Cecilia Frazao, Lisboa, Portugal

Message from Jamilah 

"I'm fascinated by various forms of healing arts. I think we are so lucky that many of them have been provided for and so available today. Each tool has its own healing charm that cater to specific need. Yoga works more on physical leve, Meditation more on the mind, Reiki on energetic body, Card Reading on guidance and clarity, for instance. Each modality is complementary to each other to create well-balanced lifestyle. That's why I love to share them all."

“Jamilah is a treasure that I have had the pleasure to have on my journey! She is extremely nurturing, gentle and knowledgeable in her approach as a yoga teacher. As a Reiki Master she is highly intuitive and a powerful channel of universal life force energy.  Anybody who discovers her along their spiritual path is sure to benefit in being more aware of themselves.”
                                                                                              -Katherina L. Dreith, Bangkok, Thailand

“I had the honour and pleasure of being guided through a daily yoga practice by Jamilah in in Bali.  Jamilah’s depth and wealth of experience and knowledge was quickly evident as she customized each practice to maximize the daily themes and energies.  Her incredibly sharp intuition was a constant presence as she made adjustments that benefited individuals and the group as a whole. She guided us through daily mudras with such grace and poise and what struck me the most was her expert knowledge of advanced breath work.  I learned a lot and felt inspired by her teachings about the breath and different techniques that can be incorporated into a regular yoga practice. Jamilah’s radiant smile, humility and high vibration were a real gift. She is attentive, responsive and patient. Meeting Jamilah and getting to practice yoga under her guidance, in beautiful Bali, was an experience of a lifetime for me and I will carry her essence and the experience in my heart for always. “

                                                                                              - Kathy Milla, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada