Universoul by Katherina Leili Dreith

Interested in healing arts, I had always wanted to learn Reiki. But there were so many teachers out there. And when I met Kat for the first time, my heart cried out “ I met my Reiki teacher”! Since then, I’ve learned all levels with her until I became a Reiki Teacher in 2017. But, what is more beautiful is, we’ve become soul family, witnessing and  supporting each other unconditionally on our soul journey.

"I love to work with the Universal energy of the nurturing, grounding and protective Earth Mother - Pachamama in some traditions, Shakti or the Divine Mother in others - and the energy of the Source of all Creation - Father Sky, Shiva or the Divine Father,  which is more on the Consciousness, creativity and clarity side of all matters.

The merging of these two sources brings the complete flow of energy towards the co-creation encompassing all manifestations in life. The more we have the awareness to dive deeper into the inner-self, the more we can rise higher to connect with the higher-self, where we find peace, balance, harmony and joy and have strength to cope with all the greater gift of life lessons that come to us in the form of challenges.

And most of all I do believe in the power of SHARING! For together, whether some of us may offer more or less the same things, we all can join force to co-create ripple effects of loving, healing and creative flow for we operate our life on the same wavelength and stay true to serve with pure intention to help raise the collective consciousness.

So here are my creative community that I’m so grateful to have them in my life and am happy to introduce them to you...."

Jessica Teal Photographer

Jess is a wonderful artist and photographer focused on Baby & Family photos. Amongst many of her creations, she’s also a doula. She is the creative force behind my website. Now she lives in Nepal and travels on regular basis for her photography work around Asia.

THE HOME BKK By Carla Soledad Rivera

I came across Carla in 2010 as my Flamenco dance teacher. SInce then we’ve become dear friend as I found out more and more of her creative talents. She is an arts and craft teacher, fashion designer, dress maker on a Haute Culture level, musician, dancer, great cook and much more!! She used to share her gifts when I had my yoga space. Now, I share mine sometimes in the space she runs -The HOME BKK, The House of Magical Epiphanies, a space packed with a number of creative activities, movement, and stillness right in the heart of Bangkok.