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She has always been interested and passionate about alternative healing and medicine since her earlier years. She then took the the training of Aura-Soma®: The Colour & Aromatherapy Care System for the Soul and attained Level III Practitioner in 2013. After that, she started Reiki Training after she found the teacher who touched her heart as she told herself “I finally found my Reiki teacher”, with whom she has trained from Level I until she completed her Teacher Level in 2017.  Jamilah offers Integrative Reiki Treatment where she incorporates other healing tools such as Aura-Soma®, crystals and Quantum Healing when she feels intuitively guided to, in order to optimize the benefits of her clients.

Her dedication to empower women to connect with the true essence of the Divine Feminine energy saw her establish 'Moon Sister Circle' - Women’s Spiritual Empowerment Support Group - since 2014. She also took part in organising, programming & teaching at the inaugural ‘Wonderfruit’ Festival, where founded the Goddess Camp in 2014, and the ‘Wonderfruit’ Festival Healing Village in 2015.  Jamilah’s creative classes and workshops provide various techniques to learn to raise

awareness about who we truly are, hence leading the way to self-love and acceptance where the process of self-healing and self-development occur.





Jamilah Preenun Nana is a former art curator and cultural event organiser, from Bangkok Thailand. She has practiced yoga for 18 years and has over 11 years of teaching experience. She views yoga as a way of being, not limited to a physical practice. Yoga practice has changed her life in a significant way bringing her to a whole new well-being experience. In 2007, with the intention to pass the beauty of yoga on to other people, Jamilah decided to take up training as a Yoga instructor. She initially trained as a 200hr - KYT at the Kripalu School of Yoga, Massachusetts, USA. She has since trained in other yogic traditions including 500 hr–RYT-Shakti-Initiation: Yoga for Feminine Leadership, Prenatal yoga, Chakra Yoga, Pranayama (Breathing Exercise) and Healing Meditation. And recently, she found new inspiration on Scaravelli-based style of yoga that she has started to incorporate in her teachings.  She also facilitates Drum Circles and JourneyDance amongst a few other events and workshops.





She is strong
She is fragile,

She is raw, free and wild,

She is weird, but that is how she shines,

She laughs her heart out as she knows how to cry,

She is wise but never hesitates to be silly and let out her inner child,

And when she dances, her heart connects to the Divine,

She loves stillness and enjoys vibrancy only when it is high,

She is not afraid to be in the flow of life for that's how she learns how to fly,

Her medicine is Mother Nature,
her drug is to dive deep into her inner shrine,

She owns her self-worth and she knows that self-love is prime.
So when she loves, she lets it flow from the infinite supply.

She is much more than what you see if only you open your heart's eyes.

She is me, she is you and she is all women who never hide..




lover of life


​​I am... A...





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